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If you need a cost estimate for your professional anesthesia services, we can help!

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Please have this information ready:

1. CPT code for your procedure – The CPT Code describes your medical or surgical procedure. Your surgeon's office can give you this.

2. Estimated length of time for your procedure – This is needed to calculate your quote. Your surgeon's office can give you this.

3. Surgeon name(s)

4. Facility where the procedure will be performed? (hospital or facility name)

5. Any additional procedures? Post-operative pain management is separate from the anesthesia service and will be an additional line item on your bill. Professional anesthesia fees are separate from anesthesia charges on your facility bill. Please note anesthesia charges on your facility bill will include medications administered and hospital equipment used.

No insurance? We offer a discount for prepayment and can provide you with a quote. Your quote is only valid if the prepay quote is paid in full in advance of services.