OAG Business Office

We get the job done with compassion and respect.

OAG’s Business Office

Our business office takes care of all of the practice management functions for our physicians and nurse anesthetists.

Executive and Support Services

  • RFPs and new business
  • Board of Directors and physician leadership support
  • Organizational structure and internal committees
  • Sponsorships, charitable giving, and community outreach

Compliance and Privacy

  • Patient billing compliance
  • Auditing and monitoring
  • HIPAA privacy compliance
  • Employee training and education

Finance, Business Intelligence, and Payer Contracting

  • Initial enrollment applications for state and federal payers and health plans
  • Payer and hospital contract negotiations
  • Employee payroll

Human Resources, Credentialing, and Risk Management

  • Professional liability insurance enrollment
  • Reappointment paperwork for hospitals and health plans
  • ACLS renewal classes and physician registration
  • PALS certifications
  • Retirement planning, 401(k) administration and enrollment
  • Hospital privileging
  • Health care benefits and compensation
  • CME credit reporting
  • OMA, ASA, OSA membership applications and dues
  • Oregon license renewals and DEA renewals

Information Technology and Security

  • ePreop care reporting
  • Security and technological support
  • Technological infrastructure management

Corporate Communications

  • Reputation management
  • Company-wide communications
  • OAG websites
  • Business templates, branded materials and collateral creation and distribution