OAG Medical Facility Partnerships

We deliver unparalleled medical expertise and reliable service.


Knowledgeable Service Delivery

Facilities of all sizes—hospitals, surgery centers, and physician offices—value OAG’s clinical expertise and operational know how. We create a customized service delivery plan for each facility partner we support. Using our extensive medical experience, industry knowledge, and regional understanding we are always available to discuss how we might serve your health care operation.

Excellent Working Relationships

We take the time to build good working relationships with everyone we work with—surgeons, staff, and administrators. This belief in inclusion extends to our patients and their families, too. We believe that sincerely engaging patients and their families in their health care improves the experience for everyone.

Perioperative leaders appreciate our willingness to become integral to their operation. We strive to work closely with staff both inside and outside of the OR. Often, our partnership facilities engage OAG physicians to serve in leadership roles such as medical directors, hospital department chairs, or staff presidents.

Strategic Partnership Capabilities

In addition to providing high-quality anesthesia care, our OAG anesthesiologists are ready to take part in your strategic initiatives by offering problem solving ideas and implementation skills to help you meet your goals. We often participate in initiatives involving:

  • OR utilization efficiencies
  • Clinical improvements
  • Patient satisfaction enhancement
  • Workflow optimization
  • Staffing and supply cost savings

Quality Patient Care Best Practices

OAG designates an anesthesiologist lead at each of our hospital practice locations who is responsible for maintaining a quality assurance program designed to support local needs. This group of leaders, along with our ASC Quality Director, constantly shares their knowledge and best practices which each other. This results in continual improvement in patient care across all facility partners we serve.

Partnership Inquiries

  • Phone: 503-299-9906
  • Toll-free: 800-282-6864
  • Email: partnership@oagpc.com

Interested in partnership?

Reach out - partnership@oagpc.com