OAG Testimonials

Our anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetists share their insight on why they joined OAG.

We are a close-knit group and support one another

I am Sue Bardon, Chief CRNA. I am excited to take part in the introduction of the care team model into OAG. As we expand our reach to incorporate CRNAs into the OR at more of our hospitals, I encourage you to come join our company. I have great respect for the anesthesiologists who have welcomed us wholeheartedly to the group and have enjoyed collaborating with each one of them. It's been fun gathering more ideas to keep in my back pocket. I love utilizing the team approach to build a sustainable workforce and increase our outreach to the community. Each of our facilities offers a different case mix and we can certainly help you find your niche. At each of our facilities I have felt valued by the anesthesiologists as well as many members of the OR team and hence sincerely invite you to come see who we are. We are a close-knit group supporting one another and a cohesive workforce dedicated to the care team model.

Susan Bardon, Chief CRNA

We are all working together to make a difference

I'm Michael Menninger, and I'm the OAG CRNA Operations Director. I've been in the position for over a year now, and I'm glad I've taken on this position. I had the opportunity to work with CRNAs for over 12 years in my first job in FL, and I've now had the privilege of helping to pave the entry of CRNAs in more positions throughout OAG. When I first started in the position, we only had CRNA in OB, but now we have had CRNAs in OR's in three different OAG hospitals. Although some of my tasks have been mundane, my favorite part has been having the opportunity to occasionally work with CRNAs here in Corvallis at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center. Being able to work side by side with anesthesia professionals who do things just a little bit differently is both interesting and thought provoking, and reminds me how we are all part of an anesthesia team that is working to make a difference. I hope you consider joining our team - we look forward to it!

Michael Menninger, CRNA Operations Director