Out of Pocket Payments

What You Need to Know About Paying Out of Pocket

If you have a non-covered procedure, you can receive a discount for prepayment. We require prepayment for any cosmetic procedures that are not covered by insurance, or in instances where you do not intend to use your insurance for a cosmetic procedure. If you are having a non-covered procedure, you can also prepay and receive a discount.

If you are scheduled for a combined insurance covered and non-covered (cosmetic) procedure, we require prepayment for only the non-covered portion of the procedure. We will bill insurance for the covered procedure. If you have not met your deductible or have co-insurance, you may have a balance on the insurance portion. We will bill you for any amount due on the insurance portion.

How to Submit a Pre-Payment for a Non-Covered Procedure

1. Credit Card by phone – OAG accepts credit card payment over the phone at the time of your quote. This must be done no later than 24 hours prior to your procedure.

OAG Prepayment Line: (503) 212-0899 or toll free (855) 514-4375.

2. Mail a Check or Cashier’s Check – Payment must be mailed at least 2 weeks prior to your procedure. Make your check or cashier’s check out to “Oregon Anesthesiology Group” or “OAG”.

Mail to: OAG, PO Box 35147 #1801, Seattle, WA 98124

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your procedure is less than two weeks away, please call the OAG Prepayment Line to make your payment by credit card over the phone: (503) 212-0899 or toll free (855) 514-4375.